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Happy Friday - Seaside BBQ

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Happy Friday - Seaside BBQ
 Last Friday, we had a barbecue buffet on the beach.
Theroast meat makes a sound, a drop of hot oil slowly slides down thegrain of the full meat, enchanting. It's a great way to get the most outof a roast. Finally couldn't help it, couldn't care less hot, a bite isa big mouthful, wow! Cool! A mouth full of fire boiling, full ofhappiness, the meat washed by the charcoal fire, the original aroma, andbecause of the pepper and salt sauce coloring, become more Tasty,tender, crispy, salty, spicy, instantly tossed up in the mouth to dance,the delicious taste of the tongue to the tip of the mouth. Thefragrance of the meat, one chew, forget all the unpleasantness, secondchew, people seem to float in the sky, third chew, like feathers andascension, what else is important? What about it? What could be happierthan a foodie who can chow down on a roast?

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