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SCARA robots can be controlled from a PC - ABB RobotStudio® software expands new capabilities

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SCARA robots can be controlled from a PC - ABB RobotStudio® software expands new capabilities
 RobotControl Mate will initially be used with the IRB 910INV inverted robotand will be extended to other ABB robotics products over the course ofthe year. Robot Control Mate is a new plug-in for RobotStudio® thatallows users to jog, teach and calibrate the robot from their computer.Robot Control Mate makes it easy to control the movements of SCARArobots. For the first time, ABB's offline programming software can beused to control real robot movements in real time, and Robot ControlMate also allows users to program robots without a FlexPendant teachpendant.
RobotStudiois the industry's leading PC-based software for pre-installationprogramming, configuration, and virtual commissioning of robots. Thesoftware allows the complete construction of a digital twin model of aproduction line's physical asset or system. The offline programming toolallows users to create, simulate and test the entire robot installationprocess in a virtual 3D scene, without disturbing the actual productionline. This means that new production lines can be set up faster, avoidsurprises during commissioning, and reach full speed smoothly - criticalfor manufacturers in today's trend toward mass customization andshorter product life cycles. "Simplifying the installation, programming,and operation of robots can create a lot of value for customers,including alleviating talent shortages and helping small andmedium-sized businesses become robot users." Darren Huang, globalproduct manager for small robots at ABB, said, "With the addition of theRobot Control Mate feature plug-in to RobotStudio, implementation ofrobot automation solutions is made easier, and users can control theirrobots from their laptops with greater flexibility and convenience. "
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