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Sino-German Industrial Internet White Paper Published

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Sino-German Industrial Internet White Paper Published
 OnAugust 29, during the 2020 Industrial Internet Conference, Yu Xiaohui,Vice President of the China Academy of Information and CommunicationsTechnology (CAIC) and Secretary General of the Industrial InternetIndustry Alliance (IIA), and Dr. Mattias Lampe of Siemens (China) Ltd.on behalf of the Sino-German Industrial Internet Expert Group, jointlyreleased the Chinese version of the whitepaper "Industry 4.0 ΧIndustrial Internet: Practice and Insights".
Thewhite paper comprehensively elaborates on the connotation and practiceof the Industrial Internet as a key enabler of the digitaltransformation of the manufacturing industry. For example, both Chinaand Germany emphasize the connection of physical assets to theIndustrial Internet, the platform as the core element of the IndustrialInternet and the importance of application services. The second is anin-depth analysis of excellent typical application cases in China andGermany from two different perspectives of business and function, and asummary of the important role of interoperability and data protection inthe Industrial Internet. Thirdly, we plan and look forward to thesubsequent cooperation between the two countries in the industrialInternet. In terms of interoperability, we plan to further investigatethe use of MQTT, OPC UA and possible semantic syntax technologies inboth countries; we further explore the consensus on the importance andrelevance of data protection.

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