ABB PFTL101B-2.0KN 3BSE004191R1 ABB

Model: ABB PFTL 101B-2.0KN
Place of Origin: Fujian,China (Mainland)
Brand Name: ABB
WARRANTY: One years
COLOUR: black/white/gray
currency: EUR/CNY/USD
version: C/D/E/F
current: A/mA/uA
voltage: VDC
Country of origin: SWENEN


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Product Description

Payment & Shipping Terms Supply Capacity
Unit Price:1740.0~1800.0 USDProduction Capacity:230
Trade Term:FOB,EXWPacking:NEW carton
Payment Terms:T/TDelivery Date:3-5 days
Min. Order:1 Piece/Pieces
Means of Transport:Ocean, Air, Land




Email:sales* (please change * to @)


Mobile Phone:86-18030235311(WhatsApp)

Q Q:2851195444










ABB NAMC-03 namc 3 Rev H 3BSE006065R1

 ABB 58937291 F 57619783 E NINT 46

 ABB 64379143 E RMIO-01 RMI0-01 Rev J

 ABB NAMC-03 58911755 3BSC980004R281

 ABB 07ZE40 E gjr2268800r22

 ABB GS ACS501-006-5-00 P200000

 ABB SB510 3BSE000860R1

 ABB PP10012HS 58918768

 ABB 07ZB69 07 ZB 69 R1 gjv 3074379 R1

 ABB Saft 171 PAC REV:E 9280004 58095141

 ABB 07ZB69 07 ZB 69 b R1 gjv 3074379 R1 

 ABB 07PS61 R2 GJV30743

 ABB CI520V1 3BSE018269R1 

 ABB 3BSE005735R1 

 ABB Saft 121 PAC 57411503

 ABB RVC12-1/5A

 ABB 07YS40 e gjr2268700r1

 ABB PM582 CO 1SAP140200R0100

 ABB 58908193 F NGDR-03

 ABB CI520V1 3BSE018269R1

ABB Procontic analog output module (07 AA 60 R1)

ABB Procontic Analog Output Module - 4-20MA (07 AA 61 R1)

ABB Procontic analog output module (07 AA 62 R1)

ABB Procontic analog output module (07 AA 63),

ABB Procontic analog output module (07 AA 65 R1)

ABB Procontic analog output module (07 AA 80),

ABB Procontic Binary Output Module - Relay (07 AB 200)

ABB Procontic Digital Output Module (07 AB 60 R1)

GE IC697CPM915

GE IC697PWR711

GE IC660CBB902

GE IC600BF842/IC600BF841

GE IC600BF843

GE IC600YB842

GE IC600CB524

DeltaV KJ3203X1-BA1 12P3270X032


ABB PM150V08 3BSE009598R1

ABB 07XS40 E gjr2268600r1

 ABB SAFT 166 APC SAFT166APC 58096652

 ABB DC 732F A1 DC732F 3BDH000375R0001

 ABB Control Panel CDP 312 61085301G

 ABB Hartmann Braun ark 200 Transmitter Contrans P K090

 ABB TC512V1 tc 512 3BSE018059R1

 ABB Procontic T200 07NG60 R1 

 ABB NIOC-01 NI0C-01 J 3BSC980004R281

 ABB NIOC-01 Rev H 3BSE005735R1

 ABB 07TI41 BR1001 gjr2293600r1001

 ABB NINT-41 57619066E 58907944J

 ABB NPOW-42 58907308J

 ABB Prozessor 4911004-717 1126Y0212 Japan 9444EAI

 ABB 07PS41 gjr2286300r1 gjr2286200r1

 ABB 58908185 F NGDR-02

 ABB 2x NGDR-02 57619139C

 ABB NGDR-02 58908185

 ABB 07PS43 ar0001 gjr5220300r0001

 ABB SNAT 4041 Rev L 63993026L

 ABB Drives PP10012HS (ABBN)5A

 LEM LC 100S/SP7 1:2000 

 ABB DSQC 314B 3HAB2216-1

 ABB DSMC 110 57330001 N/4

 ABB LEM LC1000-S/SP6 1:5000 

 ABB NPOW-41 58907294

 ABB Control Board SNAT 0965 60014728

 ABB 07EB60 R1 

 ABB DSQC 236G YB560103-CD/26 YB560103 CD

 ABB CM-IWN 1SVR650660R0400

 ABB OT 400E4 400A

 ABB  A40 V28410A

 ABB  07EB61R1 GJV3074341R1

 ABB  07EB61R1

 ABB Transducer A40

 ABB RDC0-03C 64379275 C Rev C

 ABB RDC0-03C 64379275 B Rev B

 ABB DO810 do 810 d0810 3BSE008510R1

 ABB Stromwandler ESM 1000-9982 1000A übersetzung 1:5000

 ABB CM-PVS.81 1SVR630794R2300

 ABB 64702335C RRFC-5513

 ABB DSQC 236T YB560103-CE/22 YB560103-CE

 ABB CC-E/STD 1SVR011700R0000 24V DC

 ABB OT 200E33 200A

 ABB DSQC 236G YB560103-CD/28 EYB560103 CD

 ABB  07KP64 GJR5240600R0101

 ABB 07EB61 R1 GJV3074341R1 PH-PIBH4 14 AAA

 ABB CP-E 24/1.25 24V DC 1,25A

ABB PM152 3BSE003643R1

ABB AUIEI802F 3bdh000016r1 hw 1.6

ABB 3BSE003832R1 

ABB CI513 3BSE000435R1

ABB PM151 3BSE003642R1

ABB Saft168 PAC58095117 ED891170

ABB SAFT 172 POW 58094498

 ABB CI532V03 3BSE003828R1 

 ABB SB171 3BSE004802R0001

 ABB SAFT 188 IOC 58125067 CA 920724

 ABB SNAT 609 TAI 61073779 824119 5761789-6H U61073779

 ABB CS513 3BSE000435R1 

 ABB 58096067 SAFT 163 IOC

ABB CI522A 3BSE018283R1 

ABB SNAT 617 CHC 61037136

ABB C558.03 1sar742020r0005

ABB SNAT 4331 snat4331 Rev A 3BSE017465R1

ABB CI532V03 3BSE003828R1 

ABB  DAO01 P 37171-4-0369 629 F6.11.5

ABB 64525204 G Rint 5311

ABB 64281747 F 64379071 G Rint 5211 Serno

ABB 07ZE62 07sv60 gjv 3074322 r201

ABB 07KP62 B GJR5240400R0202 Pdnet Koppler t200 07kp66

ABB NBRC-51 58908134F 57619406

ABB 07NG41 gjr5126000r1

ABB 07BG40 07PS40 br0033 gjr2268900r0033 gjr5124100r1

ABB AO820 ao 820 a0820 3BSE008546R1

ABB PM153 3BSE003644R1 

ABB SAFT 122 PAC 57411511

ABB  T200 07 KP 66 gjr5240400r0202

ABB NINT-45 58921441H

 ABB NINT-45 nint45 58921441J

 ABB NINT-45 nint45 58921441E

 ABB Freelance DAO01 P 37171-4-0369 629 F6.02.6

 ABB Freelance DAO01 P 37171-4-0369 629 F6.06.4

ABB SAFT 125 CHC SAFT125CHC 57411546

ABB AUPA 020 5761198-7E SAFT 151 CPD 57431849 JE

 ABB Freelance DAI 04 P 37131-4-0369 632 F6.3

 ABB 64379143 E RMIO-01 Rev E

 ABB NAMC-03 Rev K 3BSE006065R1

 ABB ACS201-4P9-3-00-10


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  ABB is a leader in power and automation technologies that enable utility and industry customers to improve their performance while lowering environmental impact. The ABB Group of companies operates in around 100 countries and employs more than 117,000 people.


  Power Products

  Power Products are the key components to transmit and distribute electricity. The division incorporates ABB's manufacturing network for transformers, switchgear, circuit breakers, cables and associated equipment. It also offers all the services needed to ensure products' performance and extend their lifespan. The division is subdivided into three business units. 

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