IS200EBKPG1BAA | GE | Communication Module

Model: IS200EBKPG1B AA
Place of Origin: Fujian,China (Mainland)
Brand Name: GE
Country of origin: USA
WARRANTY: one year
currency: USD/EUR/CNY
version: C/D/E/F
current: A/mA/uA
voltage: VDC


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Product Description

Payment & Shipping Terms Supply Capacity
Unit Price:1.0 USDProduction Capacity:123456
Trade Term:FOB,EXWPacking:New carton packaging
Payment Terms:T/TDelivery Date:2-3 days
Min. Order:1 Piece/Pieces
Means of Transport:Ocean, Air, Land

IS200EBKPG1BAA | GE | Communication Module

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The IC698CRE030 is a PACSystems RX7i Central Processing Unit. The RX7i CPU is programmed and configured by programming software to perform control of machines, processes, and systems in real time. It is able to communicate with I/O and smart option modules over a rack-mounted backplane using the VME64 Standard format. An embedded Ethernet port or serial port enables the CPU to communicate with the programmer and HMI devices. This particular model utilizes a 600MHz Pentium-M microprocessor (64 MB both user memory and flash).

Highlights of this unit include HSB or hot standby redundancy, battery-backed user memory and non-volatile flash memory allowing for program, configuration, register data, and symbolic variable storage. It is bulk memory accessible via reference table %W. It features programming in Ladder Diagram, C, Structured Text, and Function Block Diagram. Auto-located Symbolic Variables conveniently use unlimited memory. A number of modules are supported, including 90-70 Series discrete and analog I/O as well as VME modules. Please see the installation module for a list of other supported modules.

The IC698CRE030 CPU allows both data monitoring across the web and a maximum of 16 web server/FTP connections. Block size may not exceed 128KB, but 512 program blocks are supported. Furthermore, the unit is equipped with word referencing, a battery-backed calendar clock, serial port enabled firmware upgrades, and three isolated serial ports. 

EGD data exchange, TCP/IP communication services, station management, diagnostic tools, and time synchronization to the timeserver are all made possible by an embedded Ethernet interface. Additionally, a redundant IP (configurable by the user) facilitates EGD exchange production.

YXO116 4890024-LC

SNAT0100-6B  SNAT 0100-6B  61054588 5761852-3B

6638910B1   638910B1PS0084

PU515A 3BSE032401R1

XI16E1 1SBP260100R1001


YT296000-MZ  YXU149B  YXU 149B

DSMB144 57360001-EL

C1900/0263/0260A  C1900/0263

DSMB151 57360001-K

YXU149  YT296000-RX

C1900/0363  C1900/0363/0360A

DSMB114  57360001-MG

YXU144 YT296000-MC YXU 144

3BHE022291R0101  PCD230A  PC D230 A

DSBC111 57310256-K

086363-002 OSPS2

YXO126 4890024-UN  YXO 126

DSBC110 57310256-E

DSQC639  3HAC025097-001

PM645C 3BSE010537R1

YXT115B 4890024-NK

AX645  3BHB001914R1  3BHB001914R0001

BRC-100 P-HC-BRC-10000000

HONEYWELL    8C-PDILA1 (51454471-175)   
HONEYWELL    8C-PDODA1 (51454472-175)   
HONEYWELL    DC-PDIL51 (51454818-175)   
HONEYWELL    8U-BXCB20-CN  (51307039-100)  
HONEYWELL    CC-PUI001 (51454205-175)   
HONEYWELL    CC-PAOH01 (51405039-175)   
HONEYWELL    TDC1412-40825 (51199929-100) 
HONEYWELL    8U-TPOX01 (51307022-175)      
HONEYWELL    8C-TAIXA1 (51307127-175)   
HONEYWELL    8C-TDOD51 (51306975-175)  
HONEYWELL    8C-TDIL61 (51306967-175)   
HONEYWELL    8C-TAIX51 (51306979-175)   
HONEYWELL    8C-TDOD61 (51306973-175)   
HONEYWELL    8C-TDILA1 (51307141-175)   
HONEYWELL    8C-IAIX61 (51306977-175)   
HONEYWELL    8C-TAOX61                 
HONEYWELL    CC-TAID01 (51306733-175)  
HONEYWELL    CC-TPOX01 (51306528-175)  
HONEYWELL    51507429-200

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